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My Tai Chi journey began in my late 40s after my doctor suggested Tai Chi to address some of my health challenges. I started attending a Tai Chi class at my city fitness center and felt the benefits almost immediately. I enjoy sharing my passion for Tai Chi through teaching and it is rewarding to see my students experience some of the same mental and physical benefits that I have achieved through consistent practice.

What is Tai Chi?

The form of Tai Chi I teach is meditation with gentle movement. A fusion of Traditional Chinese and Korean forms with Qi Gong stretching. The movements are typically circular and never forced, relaxing the muscles rather then tensing them. Tai Chi addresses many key components of fitness - muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and low level aerobic conditioning.

Who can practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is accessible to people with a wide range of physical abilities, including those with mobility challenges and those recovering from surgery. Tai Chi is easy to learn so people are more likely to maintain a physically active lifestyle.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

Numerous medical studies show Tai Chi improves balance and prevents falls, reduces chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis, improves mental health and cognitive functions. People also benefit from social connections and sense of community that result from consistent practice.

What can you expect in my classes?

I start with a low-impact series of motions and gentle stretches to warm up the body. Invigorating the “Qi”. Next, a 3-5 minute mediation and breathing practice. The rest of the class I teach postures that can be done from a seated or standing position. From here we build a flowing series of postures into forms set to music. You can expect gentle guidance - I do not correct anyone individually. I encourage you to meet your body where it is and let go of judgmental thoughts.

Where can you find a class and learn more?

Current In-Class locations (2024)
Community Recreation Center.
6842 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada.
Wednesday, 8:30 to 10am
Westminster Fitness Center.
10475 Sheridan Blvd.
Sunday, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Contact me at [email protected] or visit Also you can click on this link to my YouTube Channel where you You will find more uploaded video's. 5 Elements Form. I earned my Tai Chi certification with taichihealthways

Another passion of mine is photography. Practicing Tai Chi has enhanced my artistic skills by reminding me that everything is impermanent. The forms and postures of Tai Chi are never the same - it is always slightly different based on the mind and body we bring to our practice each day. When I am practicing photography, I am capturing the light, shadow, shape, season, or mood of my subject at that moment in time. I am surrounded by beauty every day - I just need to remember to be present to witness it.

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I love to practice Tai Chi Outdoors.

I love to practice Tai Chi Outdoors.

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Dahn mu young

Yang form

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Snowy Crane (Pose)

Snowy Crane (Pose)

Gentle Flow Tai Chi class #1

Gentle Flow Tai Chi class #1

Gentle Flow Tai Chi class #2

Gentle Flow Tai Chi class #2

Accumulation form